Get to Munch and Music

Get to munch and music!

In partnership with Commute Options, this year we are encouraging our attendees to walk, bike, use Ride Bend, or carpool to Munch and Music.

We are incredibly lucky to have Drake Park as our Munch and Music venue. It is a beautiful location central to Bend, allowing our attendees to avoid driving to the event. Not only does this mean saving the planet, but it means staying active and improving health, gorgeous riverside views on your commute, less worry when enjoying an alcoholic beverage, and keeping Bend beautiful and clean! Here are some ways to reduce your impact on the city and make the most of your evening at Munch and Music!



Ride Bend is a FREE an on-demand, app-based transit service available to everyone that will drop you off RIGHT AT MUNCH AND MUSIC! The free service will be available daily through Labor Day, from noon to 8 pm. Rides can be requested via the mobile app RIDE BEND. A call-in number is also available for passengers without access to a smartphone: 866-921-8924


  1. Download the Ride Bend app available on iTunes Store and Google Play Store to get started, or call to request a ride (866-921-8924)

  2. Summon one of our three, dog-friendly vans that seat up to 11 guests and come equipped with bike racks. One van is also ADA accessible.

  3. Take Ride Bend to your desired location within the service area.

To see the area map and for more information, just click the link below:


We are excited to be able to provide bike racks this year!

Biking to Munch and Music can be your exercise and commuting option in one. In addition to the health and environmental benefits, biking is simply exhilarating. Get to the event ready to dance the evening away!

 Find a bike buddy, plan your route, check your safety gear and you’ll be ready to go.

walk or CARPOOL

Foot Power Improves Health! Walking is the most inexpensive way to commute. It requires no special equipment and helps you get healthy. Most Americans do not get enough exercise.

Carpooling is an easy way to save time and money. Besides, riding with a friend is more fun! You can start your own carpool or join an existing one. It’s simple and doesn’t cost you anything to get started. Contact Commute Options by calling 541-330-2647 and we’ll help you get on the road to carpooling.

If you simply MUST drive to the event….

We hope that this map is a helpful tool for parking.

Downtown Parking Map_2019_Letter.jpg